We supply solar photovoltaic power plants not only for your family home, business or cottage. Also, new in 2011 are hybrid solar power plants for family homes, cottages, meteorological stations, mountain huts and for various places where there may or may not be an electrical connection or there are power outages.

We will ensure the complete design and delivery of your photovoltaic grid power plant, off-grid island system or hybrid solar power plant.

For already existing photovoltaic installations, we offer an extension with the possibility of better use of the produced electrical energy and a transition to a hybrid photovoltaic system (the possibility of using almost all the produced electrical energy with minimal surpluses to the grid).

We supply both three-phase solar photovoltaic power plants and cheaper single-phase hybrid or island systems. We will be happy to help you design a solar photovoltaic system or possibly expand it from grid to hybrid and make energy use more efficient from the classic 30% to almost 100%.

We supply both turnkey solar power plants and solar power plant kits, for example for your house or cottage.

We offer turnkey solar panels, solar systems and solar power plants. From the study of the solar power plant to the final delivery and installation. We also supply spare parts for solar power plants.