Solar backup sources

Solar backup sources are sources of electricity independent of the public electricity grid and work safely and reliably even in the event of a longer outage of the conventional electricity grid.

We supply tailor-made photovoltaic backup sources for places where partial or complete independence from the electricity grid is required. Such places most often include ships, yachts, cottages, cottages, companies or even family homes where power outages are undesirable or absolute or partial independence from electricity supplies from traditional sources is required.

For already existing solar power plants, we offer the extension of on-grid operation to a hybrid system, where it is possible to legally accumulate the produced energy and automatically switch to this backup solar source as needed, for example at night.

Since each backup source has different needs, we usually do not tailor these systems to the given object. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you need a consultation and the suitability of installing a solar backup source. You can also find more information about solar backup sources in the island photovoltaic systems section.