Photovoltaic power plants

Photovoltaic power plants (PPP) can currently be legally installed ONLY if you have permission from the distributor to connect the equipment to the distribution system (DS). If you have not received this permit, or if you do not want to apply for a permit, you can choose a hybrid photovoltaic power plant from our offer, which does not need this permit, as it is demonstrably galvanic separated from the distribution system and is only subject to notification. Since 2014, there is no longer any support for photovoltaics in the form of a green bonus. Therefore, it is no longer worthwhile to install a classic PV system today. Another reason not to install a network photovoltaic power plant is only a small use of the produced energy for self-consumption. With a classic grid PV system, you will consume approx. 30%-50% of the energy produced. With HPPP - a hybrid photovoltaic power plant, you will be able to consume up to 100% of the energy you produce.

If you already have a grid photovoltaic power plant and want to improve it, we can expand your PPP to a hybrid photovoltaic power plant (HPPP) and it can then also be used as a backup source that guarantees maximum independence and energy security in your home or business. The use of accumulators in HPPP will allow you to consume the generated energy during the day and at night and will ensure the operation of the network power plant even in the event of a DS failure.

At the same time as hybrid power plants, we also offer the option of an intelligent load management system, which we design.

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