Sunsync Lifelynk XL 5.5 kW hybrid inverter

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Sunsync Lifelynk XL 5.5 kW hybrid inverter More

The Sunsynk Lifelynk XL hybrid inverter brings a revolution in photovoltaics.

The 'XL' model offers a 5,5kW hybrid inverter along with a 5,22kWh battery.

It offers All-in-one, plug and play and could be expanded according to individual energy needs.

It is designed to simplify the world of solar energy and provide a cost-effective solution for sustainable living.

The Lifelynk module is easy to install with a plug and play connection, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

At a price comparable to the price of a smartphone, it is the most affordable and efficient option for anyone who wants to use solar energy.

The Lifelynk system is designed down to the last detail to meet growing energy needs.

It allows for easy expansion and supports parallel connection with up to 6 modules, which means you can add more modules to the system to meet energy demand.

In addition, the Lifelynk system offers flexibility through seamless integration with traditional solar batteries. You can combine the energy generated by the Lifelynk system with the energy stored in solar batteries, it is compatible with almost all available types.

The main advantages of the Sunsynk Lifelynk XL system:

1. High efficiency:

Sunsync Lifelynk XL is equipped with advanced technology that ensures high efficiency of energy transfer. This means that the inverter can effectively use solar energy and convert it into electrical energy with minimal losses.


Sunsynk Lifelynk XL is designed to be compatible with different types of solar panels and batteries. This flexibility allows the inverter to be easily integrated into existing solar systems while also providing the option of expanding the system in the future.

3. High reliability:

Made of quality materials, Sunsynk Lifelynk X is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is resistant to high temperatures, humidity and dust particles, ensuring its reliable and long-lasting performance.

4. Integrated monitoring:

The Sunsynk Lifelynk XL is equipped with an integrated monitoring system that allows you to monitor the performance of the inverter and solar system in real time. This monitoring provides important information about system performance and enables quick diagnosis and repair in case of problems.

Sunsynk Lifelynk XL revolutionary inverter that brings reliable performance, high efficiency and flexibility to solar systems.

Its advantages and qualities make it the best choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient solution for using solar energy.

Inverter nominal power (constant power) 5,5 kVA
Maximum efficiency 97,6%
Width /mm/ 182
Height /mm/ 901
Lenght /mm/ 624