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Studer Vario String VS-70 More

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The VS-70 is recommended for PV capacities up to 4.2 kW, the controller charges the battery with a maximum current of 70 A. The solar modules are connected in series and form a single chain (up to 600 V) connected to the VS-70.
Battery management parameters can be adjusted on the inside of the device, and the LED display on the outside shows the battery charge current and status of the VS-70.

Depending on specific system needs, additional accessories such as RCC-02/03 Remote Control and Programming Center, ARM-02 2 Auxiliary Contact Module, BTS-01 Battery Temperature Sensor, BSP-500 /1200 Battery Status Processor, or one from Xcom-LAN/GSM/SMS communication sets.

The VS-70 has a remote input that provides the ability to control the system from several parameters that can be programmed using the RCC-02/03.

The combination of the VS-70 and Xtender series is an ideal solution for hybrid systems with several energy sources.