Studer Innotec VS-120 MPPT solar controller

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The Vario String high voltage MPPT solar charge controller ensures optimal battery charging maximizing solar production. The first of its kind, the variostring achieves the world's highest conversion efficiency from high-voltage solar power (900V) to 48V battery voltage, including galvanic isolation between PV and battery. Variostring is 100% designed and manufactured in Switzerland and offers a 10-year warranty.

VS-120 is recommended for PV capacities up to 7kWp and charges the battery with a maximum current of 120A. Its two MPPT inputs offer a very flexible connection of PV modules. The inputs can be connected in parallel, in series or independently.

Battery management parameters can be adjusted on the inside of the device, and on the outside, an LED display shows the battery charging current and the status of the VS-120.

Depending on specific system needs, accessories such as RCC-02/03 remote control and programming center, ARM-02 2 auxiliary contact module, BTS-01 battery temperature sensor, BSP-500 /1200 battery status processor, or one of the communication Xcom-LAN/GSM/SMS sets.

The VS-120 has a remote input that provides the ability to control the system from several parameters that can be programmed using the RCC-02/03.

The combination of the VS-120 and Xtender series is an ideal solution for hybrid systems with several energy sources.

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