Studer Innotec Next 3 - smart inverter charger with advanced interface

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3-phase smart inverter charger NEXT3 Studer Innotec More

NEXT3 is an inverter charger with 2 built-in solar high voltage MPPT inputs with 8 + 8 KW. for off-grid, on-grid and hybrid installations.

Next3 includes 2 latest generation high voltage MPPT inputs for solar energy system up to 16 KW with many expansion modules.

Next3 is compatible with almost every 48V battery technology. The integrated CAN-BMS interface provides a plug and play solution with communicating lithium batteries.

The Smart Boost2 function helps to adapt to the limitations of the battery source in the most versatile way, facilitating for example phase balance or the elimination of fluctuations.

The innovative modular combination of hardware allows multi-unit, multi-battery systems to be combined using external transmission, enabling different battery technologies and increasing versatility with centralized management.

- Continuous power at 25 °C: 15,000 VA.
- Nominal output frequency: 50/60 Hz (± 0.02%).
- Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1%.
- Nominal battery voltage: 48 Vdc.
- Maximum charging current: 250 Adc.
- Dimensions: 320 / 450 / 760 mm.

Options & accessories

model nx3 st full option

nx3 st

next3 full option (standard)

model nx3 st full option + interface

nx3 sti

next3 full option + interface

nx3 rack st

next3 full option (standard)

nx3 rack sti

next3 full option + interface

nx tempSensor battery temperature sensor

nx tempSensor

battery temperature sensor

nx user interface

nx interface

next3 user interface

dongle wifi

nx wifidongle

nx bypass box

nx bypass box