Lithium battery WeCo 5k3 XP - 5.3 kWh

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WeCo 5k3 lithium battery with a capacity of 5.3kWh More

A lithium battery that is supported by a number of voltage converters - eg Studer Innotec, Victron Energy, Schneider, Solax Power, Goodwe, SMA, Steca, Imeon Energy and others. With the above-mentioned converters and other accessories, it is perfectly complemented in hybrid photovoltaic power plant sets. The WeCo lithium battery with a capacity of 5.3 kWh is also suitable for smaller solar applications of island systems and also as battery storage for hybrid photovoltaic power plants (HPPP). WeCo batteries are based on LiFePO4 technology, lifetime - 8000 cycles.

The advantage of these lithium batteries is that they can be easily expanded by adding additional modules. When purchasing 1 WeCo 5k3 5.3 kWh module, the system can then be easily expanded with 4 more battery modules and thus increase the battery storage capacity to 26.5 kWh. Alternatively, 15 WeCo 5k3 modules can be installed (without the need to use a HUB), the total capacity then amounts to 79.5 kWh. The WeCo battery modules can then be connected in parallel to increase the total storage capacity of your system.

Charge/discharge intensity: Thanks to the active equalizer and cell technology, it allows a higher charge and discharge intensity than most competing batteries. 1C charging and discharging allows the battery to be fully charged in 1 hour and discharged to more than, 5000Wh.

BMS or Smart BMU: BMS is one of the indispensable electronic components of lithium batteries, which ensures constant monitoring of battery charging and discharging and enables completely safe operation. The BMS system in the WeCo lithium battery is one of the most advanced in the energy storage industry.

Operation at extreme temperatures: WeCo 5K3 battery modules can operate between 10°C and 55°C.

Active equalizer: Another great advantage of this battery over the competition is its active equalizer, which ensures a constant balance of cells and prevents loss of power.

WeCo's active equalizer exchanges energy between cells with a higher voltage and cells with a lower voltage. This system enables high charging and discharging efficiency. Another advantage of this equalizer is its ability to equalize high currents that can compensate for more than 10A between cells, allowing instant balancing.

The active equalizer plays a key role in extending the life of the WeCo battery and achieving a fully efficient system.

The WeCo battery enables a 5G compatible Wifi connection, allowing quick and easy configuration and launch.

WeCo Batteries have their own WeCo Batteries mobile app, which allows you to constantly monitor the status of your storage system. In order to control your WeCo battery via mobile phone, you need to add the WeCo Wifi accessory.

Width /mm/ 4630
Height /mm/ 1550
Lenght /mm/ 5800
Nominální napětí 52
Využitelná energie 5,3 kWh