Hybrid voltage converter Studer Innotec XTM 4000-48, 4000W - 48V

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XTM 4000- 48 is a great inverter for hybrid photovoltaic power plants installed on family houses. This is a very high-quality converter that can be used not only as the heart of a hybrid photovoltaic power plant, but also for larger and luxurious island systems.

The price of a separately purchased hybrid voltage converter differs from the price of a converter purchased in a set or when used as part of a turnkey hybrid photovoltaic power plant installation.

Hybrid inverters of the Xtender series can also be used in three-phase systems.

The Xtender has two auxiliary contacts that are configured by default for automatic generator start and alarm function. Thanks to the RCM-10 accessory, a remote input for external control of the inverter is possible. In addition, the Xtender can be equipped with a remote input that can be used to change functions or control the system externally.

Performance 30 min. / 5 sec 4000VA / 10,5 kVA
Inverter nominal power (constant power) 3500VA
Inverter system voltage 48V
Maximum efficiency 96%
Consumption OFF/Standby/ON 1,8W / 2,1W / 14W
Width /mm/ 133
Height /mm/ 466
Lenght /mm/ 322
Degree of coverage IP20
Guarantee 5 years