After many years of research of the best efficiency of our solar systems and after many experiences with energy storage devices from many different manufacturers, we started mainly using WeCo batteries, which are currently one of the best products on the market in their category, especially the WeCo 5k3 XP Dual Voltage Lithium Battery , and that is so for several reasons:

1. The 5K3 XP boasts an impressive energy capacity of 5.3kWh per module and is a reliable power source for all your energy needs. With a nominal voltage of 51.2 Vdc and an operating voltage range of 46.5 - 58.4 Vdc, this battery provides a stable and efficient power supply.

2. Connectivity is key and the 5K3 XP understands this well. In low voltage settings, you can connect up to 15 modules in parallel, providing customizable power solutions for different applications.

3. For high voltage scenarios, the 5K3 XP supports up to 16 batteries in series with the HV BOX. This configuration not only maximizes energy storage, but also opens the door to high-capacity applications with seamless integration.

4. Flexibility is at the core of the 5K3 XP design. Whether you prefer wall, floor or stack mounting, this faucet fits seamlessly into your space for a hassle-free and aesthetically pleasing installation.

5. 5K3 XP isn't just about raw power; it's about intelligent energy management. With advanced dual-voltage apps, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and real-time balancing, you're in complete control of your power consumption and storage.

6. The 5K3 XP excels in both low and high voltage scenarios and adapts to your unique power needs. Its versatility makes it a suitable choice for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

7. The durability and longevity of the 5K3 XP with a 10-year warranty or an impressive 7,000 cycles provides peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

The WeCO 5K3 XP battery is fully compatible with the following converters:

MLT Inverters
Sofar Solar
Victron Energy
TBB Power
Imeon Energy
Voltronic Power
Kehua Tech
Must Solar
Lux Power Tech
MPP Solar

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Lithium battery WeCo 5k3 XP - 5.3 kWh Lithium battery WeCo 5k3 XP - 5.3 kWh Code: P00002 Rating value is 0 of 5 Quick info Width /mm/: 4630Height /mm/: 1550Lenght /mm/: 5800Nominální napětí: 52Využitelná energie: 5,3 kWh WeCo 5k3 lithium battery with a capacity of 5.3kWh In stock 1 839 € excl. VAT 2 225,19 € incl. VAT