Island systems

Island photovoltaic systems are an ideal solution for places that are out of reach of an electrical connection - i.e. garden houses, cottages, caravans, yachts. They can also be used in buildings where more people stay - small guesthouses and hotels. Island systems can therefore be operated, for example, in cottages, where they can have an output of a few hundred watts up to extensive three-phase island systems with an output of several tens of kilowatts. Since we are in the 21st century, thanks to island photovoltaic systems, users can enjoy even greater comfort without outages caused by weather or local power outages, than was the case with classic electrical connections.

The basic components that make up the island system are: photovoltaic panels, a solar regulator based on the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) principle and gel batteries. With the use of a voltage converter, it is thus possible to use completely ordinary 230V devices. We supply island voltage converters with a power from approx. 600W to three-phase converters with a power of several tens of kilowatts.

It was also possible to operate the island photovoltaic systems in the green bonus mode until the end of 2010, thus paying for the electricity produced and consumed. In order to receive the green bonus, it is now necessary to apply for connection to the distribution system.

Model island systems for cottages and cottages can be found in our e-shop in the Island systems section

Island Photovoltaic Systems - A great addition for those who want electricity but don't have an electrical connection, as well as those who need a backup system for appliances that need to be powered by electricity. Island systems are very popular with cottagers, for whom even a small island system is enough to have, for example, a light, TV, laptop and some DIY power tools in the cottage. Gradually, mobile island systems are starting to be installed even on caravans and yachts.

With larger island systems you can afford to have a fridge, kettle and even a blender in the cottage.

It is not unusual for an island system to be purchased in a place where there is an electrical connection. The island system is then useful in the event of a "blackout", i.e. a complete blackout of electricity. In this case, you can use the energy stored in the accumulators at any time as needed.

If you connect or want to connect to an island system, for example, a power plant or connect the system to the grid, then this is a hybrid photovoltaic system.

If you are interested in an island system, we will be happy to custom design it for you.