Hybrid voltage converters are a great innovation on the market. They are the heart of hybrid photovoltaic power plants, which are power plants of the new generation.

Our company provides hybrid photovoltaic power plant design, supply and installation. We can offer a wide range of services, from consulting, project documentation (electrical part) to the supply of solar panels to the supply of total solutions in the form of turnkey photovoltaic hybrid power plants. We can offer wholesale prices for companies and wholesale customers.

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Product Availabity Price
Hybrid voltage converter Studer Innotec XTM 4000-48, 4000W - 48V Hybrid voltage converter Studer Innotec XTM 4000-48, 4000W - 48V Code: P00001 Rating value is 0 of 5 Quick info Performance 30 min. / 5 sec: 4000VA / 10,5 kVAInverter nominal power (constant power): 3500VAInverter system voltage: 48VMaximum efficiency: 96%Consumption OFF/Standby/ON: 1,8W / 2,1W / 14WWidth /mm/: 133Height /mm/: 466Lenght /mm/: 322Degree of coverage: IP20Guarantee: 5 years In stock 2 143,31 € excl. VAT 2 593,41 € incl. VAT